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Healthy behaviors and positive environment for the prevention of chronic disease across generations


The Olfert Research Lab specializes in lifestyle intervention research approaches for the prevention of chronic diseases across one’s lifespan. Our research team studies lifestyle behavioral interventions to reduce risk of disease and existing disease. These conditions include obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes in at-risk populations, particularly those of health disparate regions.

At the Olfert Research Lab, we often use community-based participatory research methods (CBPR) to collect valuable data from individuals as well as their communities.

Through design, approach, dissemination, and implementation, our research team translate findings into lifestyle intervention models. In order to refine our models and increase their effectiveness, we are actively monitoring and evaluating the results.

Using a wide variety of tools, the Olfert Research Lab studies and modifies multi-generational health behaviors. We do this through novel nutritional approaches, physical activity, sleep management, tobacco cessation, and even mindful stress reduction. Check out some of our current research projects!

image of plant in child and adult handsOur mission is to expand information literacy in undergraduate and graduate programs, nutrition education, and culinary skills in interdisciplinary programs such as medical, dental, and pharmacy. We also wish to enhance leadership in the fields of dietetics and preventative care.

Making positive changes one life at a time through chronic disease prevention!