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Research Projects

The Intervention Lifestyle Olfert Research Lab focuses on the use of lifestyle intervention to prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases across one’s lifespan. The wide-reaching impact nature of our work often lends itself to collaboration with various departments within West Virginia University as well as outside entities. Our lab is proud to team up with both academic partners and government agencies in its mission to improve health and quality of life in our community and beyond.

Check out some of our current and past research projects below!

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iCook 4-H is a USDA funded program partnering universities and extension services across five states to improve the health of families through cooking, eating and playing together. Learn more about iCook.

button for eb4cast

eB4CAST is a community-based project evaluation program. Learn more about eB4CAST.

button for Get Fruved

Get Fruved is a USDA funded project focused on improving the health of students at universities across the country. Learn more about Get Fruved.

button for FRUVEDomics
FRUVEDomics is a pilot study funded through the West Virginia Clinical & Translational Science Institute. This project is centered on the identification of metabolic markers for poor health and their sensitivity to a targeted nutritional intervention program. Learn more about FRUVEDomics.

Project Better Health

Project Better Health is a West Virginia Clinical & Translational Science Institute funded study focused on the innovative use of mobile technology to improve the health of individuals with obesity. Learn more about Project Better Health.


CAPE is a multi-institution project focused on the identification and sharing of best practices for benchmarking community behavioral health. This program is funded through the USDA and SAMHSA, and is coordinated by the USDA Regional Rural Development Centers. Learn more about Cape.


HomeStyles is a multi-institution project that enables and motivates parents to shape their home environment and lifestyle practices to build a happier and healthier family. Learn more about HomeStyles

mHealth L.A.B.S.

mHealthLABS Study