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HomeStyles Study

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HomeStyles was originally developed by Rutgers University in New Jersey to educate parents of preschoolers on healthy habits through 12 instructional guides focusing on positive diets, physical activity, and sleep strategies parents can implement at home.

This new five year, 4 million dollar USDA grant focuses on continuing to prevent childhood obesity through the lifespan by expanding the program to children 6-11 years of age. This research study is being completed in conjunction with Rutgers University, and the University of Florida.

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Core Themes


HomeStyles Education Program for parents of 6-11 year olds
  1. Focus groups are being completed with parents and kids of this age group to help in the design of the education program.
  2. Focus groups and literature reviews will help in the design of 12 nutrition guides for families focusing on family meals, healthy nutrition habits, physical activity, and sleep.
  3. Dissemination of the program to communities in all three states for parents of 6-11 year old through online and in-person education sessions.
Higher Education of Students in Obesity Prevention Programming

WVU is developing a course for graduate students across all participating universities. This class will give students conceptual and practical tools used in designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating obesity prevention techniques based on sound research methods.

Graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply will be engaged in learning about current programs targeted to prevent obesity and grounded theories prevention programs are fundamentally built upon. Additionally, students will explore strategies to implement and evaluate programs and capture the unfolding of dissemination impact of these programs. Through reading, cooperative learning, discussing, followed by field experience, students will gain relevant and applied experience.